Croydon, N.H. - USA
Croydon, N.H. - USA
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Waiting List for Babies

If you are truly serious about buying a quality French Bulldog puppy in the near future you have come to the right place.. After you get on our waiting list you will be kept informed of breedings before they happen and as they progress via our WEEKLY email Newsletter EVERY weekend...  The French Bulldog supply in New England is so lacking in quality pups right now if you don't get on a waiting list it could be a very long time before you find the Quality and color you want.
First - You need to complete and submit an "application" on the Home page or the Puppies page.
Second - I will contact you via text to discuss your application and if approved I will give you payment info to send a $500 deposit for a pet puppy or $1,000 to be added to our "Breeder's" list with IMMEDIATE access to next litters born.
We have 5 different waiting lists, You will need to decide which sex you want AND What price range/color you want... You can get on more than 1 list but requires a $500 for each list except $1,000 deposit for Breeder list...Once you have your deposit placed you will have a ranking according to when your deposit was placed...  When you pick out your special pup from us your deposits will be applied to the purchase price.... **We reserve the right to keep any puppy from any litter and we will make everyone aware of our intentions before the pups are 5 weeks old.
We have decided to add a "Breeders waiting list" separately from all other lists.
People on this list have 1st choice of all litters born immediately after getting on the Breeder list.
The primary reason for this is to help improve the breed by allowing breeders to have access to our best-structured pups from any of our 5 lists..These breeders would have the First choice After us when pups are 4- 5 weeks old... Any person getting on this list would need to pay a $1000 deposit and would be required to pay the full 30% price increase for full AKC breeding rights when the puppy is 7 weeks old. So a $4500 Blue pup would be $5850.. We don't expect many breeders to take advantage of this new list but it is available...Any of you on our current lists can move to the Breeders lists at any time, just contact me.
The option for others on our waiting lists to buy breeding rights for 30% more when the puppy is 1 year old is still available...
All deposits are refundable for any reason, AFTER you have been on our waiting list for 6 months. We will only refund the amount we received, if you send by a method that deducts a fee before we receive your deposit then you will not get that fee refunded, it's usually just 2 or 3 percent.
You can pass on any puppy for any reason and simply stay on the list and retain your ranking for the next litter if you like.. The exact pricing of puppies will be determined by Rockybound Frenchies, LLC after they are born but before they are 5 weeks old.
 Thanks, John Hooper; call or text 603-731-1420

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